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15 mai 2019 · The purpose of Mystic Mine is straightforward. Simply control less monsters than the opponent, and that would prevent them from activating monster effects or declaring an attack. This would essentially shutdown decks that relies on swarming such as Salamangreat, Orcust and Thunder Dragon. 13 mai 2021 · OCG 2021.04 Metagame Report #5, #6. by Akira · 13 May 2021. Welcome to Week #5, #6 of the OCG 2021.04 format. This report will tabulate 208 top-performing decks from 43 tournaments that were held in Japan, China Mainland and Taiwan during 1 – 12 May 2021. 2 mai 2021 · Mystic Mine is used to disable the opponent’s disruptions from their Monster Effects, a similar purpose as Dark Ruler No More, but it also stops ‘hand traps’. Mystic Mine could also be used to stall the opponent while waiting for an opportunity to break their board and go for an OTK. Official Meta Report: https://roadoftheking.com/ocg-2021-04-metagame-report-5-6/Hopefully you enjoyed this episode and if you did please hit the like button. OCG 2021.01 Metagame Report #7 - Road of the King. roadoftheking. This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Related Topics Yu-Gi-Oh! Fantasy anime Action anime Anime comments sorted by Best Top New Co. 9 avr. 2023 · New Year Carnival 2023 Taiwan was held on 26 March 2023 and had 127 participants. This is an invite-only 3. Yu-Gi-Oh! 28 March 2023. 28 mai 2021 · by Akira · 28 May 2021. Welcome to Week #7, #8 of the OCG 2021.04 format. This report will tabulate 112 top-performing decks from 21 tournaments that were held in Japan and China Mainland during 15 – 26 May 2021. Update: Revised with additional data from “Weidahangdao Jiaxin CS Ranking Tournament” (2021-05-23). OCG 2022.10 Metagame Report #1, #2 | Road of the King. Yu-Gi-Oh! Fantasy anime Action anime Anime. My favorite part about these reports are seeing the super rouge decks top. SPYRAL/Libromancer is not a deck combination I expected see but I’m here for it. It amazes me how after so many years people still misspell rogue. 26 déc. 2022 · The OCG 2023.01 Limit Regulation dealt a heavy blow to both Tearlaments and Kashtira, resulting in a reset of the metagame. In the new slower format, Spright Tri-Brigade stands above the rest and is the only deck that has been able to consistently make the top cut across various tournaments. Labrynth, Spright and Tearlaments are only marginally. 7 nov. 2022 · by Akira · 7 November 2022. Welcome to Week #4, #5 of the OCG 2022.10 format. This report will tabulate 108 top-performing decks from 21 tournaments that were held in Japan, China Mainland, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam during 22 October – 3 November 2022. 7 févr. 2023 · Mystic Mine one of the strongest spell cards in modern day Yu-Gi-Oh. It's also very controversial: it warps the rules of the game so much, that the games it appears in often feel entirely different from how Yu-Gi-Oh normally works. Most floodgates change the rules a bit, but. This card is best used in a strategy that does not revolve around controlling monsters. Burn, Exodia Final Countdown and even Destiny Board are excellent decks to use alongside this card, shutting down your opponent while you are practically unaffected. Force monsters onto your opponent's side of the field with cards like "Ojama Trio" or "Ojama. That is wrong, Mystic Mine works similarly to cards like True King of All Calamities, in other words it doesn't affect the monsters but it places a restriction on the player. Of course in True King of All Calamities' case, if the monster is unaffected, like The Arrival Cyberse @.Ignister or Apoqliphort Towers, you must declare that monster's attribute since the part of the effect that changes. 11 avr. 2023 · 3 Mine Mystique 3 Mystic Mine: 3 Oracle de la Norne Skuld 3 Goddess Skuld's Oracle: 3 Pot de Dualité 3 Pot of Duality: 2 Prohibition 2 Prohibition: 1 Terra Formation 1 Terraforming: 2 Terre du Jugement Dernier 2 Demise of the Land: Pièges (13) 3 Jugement Solennel 3 Solemn Judgment: 1 Métavers 1 Metaverse: 3 Pot-de-Vin du Temple Maudit 3 Dark. 136 listings on TCGplayer for Mystic Mine - YuGiOh - If your opponent controls more monsters than you do, your opponent cannot activate monster effects or declare an attack. If you control more monsters than your opponent does, you cannot activate monster effects or declare an attack. Once per turn, during the End Phase, if both players control the same number of monsters: Destroy this card. Mystic Mine Burn 2020. GottaHaveSpiritDood. 0 Comments 19,158 Views Uploaded 3 years ago. Meta Decks Burn Stall 40. $117.00 90 240 930 390. Purchase Deck.