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13 mars 2023 · Her net worth is $700,000 (estimated). She has numerous income sources that include Twitch subscribers & donations, Onlyfans subscriptions, Singing, YouTube, sponsorships, etc. She has over 31k followers on Twitter. Her discord server named “Indiefoxx Tribe” has over 8,000 members. 1 avr. 2022 · Indiefoxx Net Worth Jenelle earns an estimated $700,000, which comes from the money earned through her YouTube vlogging and Twitch streaming. Besides, she also has an account on Only Fans wherein, each subscriber pays approximately $15 for each subscription. Indiefoxx Social Media Presence. Voir la liste complète sur Age Indiefoxx is currently 28 according to her birthdate March 20, 1995 Sun Sign Pisces Born Place The United States of America Residence Los Angeles, California, United States Nationality Occupation Twitch Star, Content Creator, Singer, Model, Entrepreneur, YouTuber Manager As a model, Indiefoxx is represented by Vivace Models. Genre Indie. 16 juin 2021 · indiefoxx ‘ s estimated net worth is $1,500,000 USD. How does indiefoxx make money? IndieFoxx is a popular Twitch streamer and musician. She is also known for her hot tub streams. Here’s a little run-down of how indiefoxx makes money: Or [SKIP HERE] to see how much indiefoxx makes per month. Twitch Earnings. Jenelle Dagres, popularly known as Indiefoxx, is a 26-year-old Twitch streamer. She began streaming on the Twitch platform on January 5th, 2017. Jenelle has been one of the most talked about people on twitch recently. She broadcasts videos about indie music, games and lifestyle on her Twitch channel. Indiefoxx as seen in a picture that was taken in Los Angeles, California in June 2020 (Indiefoxx / Instagram) Indiefoxx Twitch Bans of 2021. Indifoxx was first banned on January 29 for 3 days. Next, she was banned on February 1 for 3 days. She was then banned on February 5 for 3 more days. She saw her 1-day ban on February 24. IndieFoxx Net Worth, Facts, And Stats - StreamScheme Streamer Profile IndieFoxx Net Worth, Facts, and Stats Twitch (2 million) YouTube (32.7K) Real name Jenelle Dagres Nationality American Date of birth 20th March 1995 (27 years) Net worth $1 million - $2 million.